Melody Yip
2 min readFeb 26, 2021

Physical Adventures In 2021

So — — — — — we decided to camp in 2021. This interest came up from boredom with the “groundhog’s day” weekends and the cinematic Japanese and Korean camping out there on Youtube. This may be the most camping we may ever do or perhaps a start to a new life. I got the above moon calendar in downtown Nevada City last year on a camping trip to Grass Valley.

Here is a look at our schedule:

February — One night at Walden Ranch — we keep looking at the weather report and it shows a “wind” icon (23mph winds) particularly because Phil will be working on setting up his tarp. I’m hoping this doesn’t interfere with our campfire plans. Incidentally, it is a full moon (Feb 27).

Food planned you ask? Asada tacos for lunch, army stew, seafood pancake, roasted marshmallow on around strawberries and pancakes.

March — (empty) but maybe a local hip-camp.

April — Santa Cruz — a weekend with friends. I’m hoping my camping cot comes period and homes in time.

May — White Desert Sands (Arizona?)

June — (empty)

July — Big Sur — Campsite with Bay views with friends.

August — Mt. Whitney area

Nov — (empty)

Dec — (empty)